These are usually only free for a short time, even only a day, so get in quick! Search for them in the Android App Store.

Flutter Bird

Your Flutter Bird has found himself away form his nest! Get him back as soon as possible and be sure to grab food along the way!

Look out for those evil crows along the way, they don’t play nice!

iSmoke – The shocking truth

This Book-As-An-App Short Story is NOT just for Smokers and/or avid readers. It’s great for anyone who even KNOWS a smoker. And it’s the PERFECT size for reading on an Android phone! It could also save your life or the life of a loved one because it exposes a secret about American Tobacco that NO media organization has EVER talked about.

Remind ‘Em Texting

Remind ‘Em Texting is a fun and useful app for sending text messages. The app is perfect for making sure you never forget to send another SMS/text message.


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Deal posted: 07/09/2011